top 6 reasons why you should be using wordpress for your business website

WordPress for small business

6 reasons you should be using wordpress for your business website

Okay, let’s start by acknowledging at least one huge fact: WordPress is used by one in five websites on the entire internet. The blog portion of the website you’re looking at right now is run on WordPress. There’s a reason for that- several of them, actually. Realistically, there are far more reasons to use WordPress than I could keep your attention for explaining here, so I just want to break it down to just the 6 most important reasons for the business owner/marketing director/entrepreneur because that’s who most of our clients are. “Why use WordPress?” is a frequently asked question, so these are our frequently answered answers.

With that said, let’s dive right in:

1. usability

WordPress is built to be easy for anyone to learn to use. If you can use a word processor and upload pictures to Facebook, then you already have all the basic skills necessary to run a basic WordPress site! There is of course the caveat that just because WordPress is easy to learn to use does not necessarily mean you will be able to set it all up to professional standards by yourself. Once it has been designed and configured, however, (which will cost you in time and/or money) you will be able to publish and manage content very easily.

2. scalability

WordPress is also built to be scalable. Once you have your theme and templates set up, you can create a near infinite number of pages, posts, and iterations of product and service pages by just filling out the appropriate blanks. Going from one content publisher to ten authors? No problem, multiple user capability is native to WordPress. Going from 3 products to 300 products? No worries, you can use a single plugin to create hundreds of products for your online store. WordPress is sure to be flexible enough to grow with your business.

3. extendability

One of the most powerful aspects of WordPress is its extendability or extensibility. By simply adding and configuring a plugin you can extend the usefulness of your WordPress website to include things that aren’t inherent in the core CMS platform. You can add contact forms, image sliders, shopping carts, calendar of events, member subscriptions, a member support forum, social media extensions, the list goes on and on. By this method it is possible to put together a very serious web or mobile application using the WordPress platform.

4. inherent seo

WordPress is built to be SEO friendly. Because the database stores certain information about your site globally, it is able automatically generate and help you populate the meta data that search engine crawlers look for. It can also organize the URL structures, tags, and categories to make your site easy for search engines to catalog. There are also plugins to enhance this result, but WordPress at its core is very SEO friendly right out of the box.

5. open source community

WordPress is maintained by a HUGE community of professional back-end and front-end developers. This is a really big benefit because without you having to do anything at all there are hundreds of people more qualified than you who are working on the core of your website and making constant improvements- for FREE! All you have to do is click “Update” when WordPress tells you it’s time to. This also means that if you hire one developer to make your site, and you aren’t satisfied with their work you can just hire another WordPress developer and you don’t have to start all over. It also means that if you have an interest or a knack for coding, you can just look up how to do what you want to do yourself. Lastly, if you are having a problem with your site or want it to do something it isn’t doing now, chances are someone else has had and already solved this problem so you have the ability to implement their solution to your problem. This is why plugins are made and they are made by the WordPress community.

6. affordability

You may have heard that WordPress is free. This is both true and misleading. It is a absolutely true that you can go download WordPress right now and receive the full version free of charge including updates forever. Thus WordPress IS free. However, owning a copy of WordPress does not a website make. You still need all the basics that any website needs like hosting and domain which cost money regardless if you are using WordPress or not. I wrote an article about that. So, that said and understood, yes there are very large brands that use WordPress like The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety Magazine, Sony Music, and MTV News but rest assured they still spent top dollar to get their website built and designed by professionals even though their copy of WordPress is just as free as yours. There is always a huge difference between a website and a GOOD website.

Good, now that we have that out of the way I want to tell you why using WordPress will still save you money even if you still have to pay to get something worth having. Because of the aforementioned scalability you automatically save money because your designer only needs to create one template per page type as opposed to creating each and every page separately. This is part and parcel with using any good CMS, but WordPress is particularly well integrated in this regard. Also because of WordPress’s extendability you save money by being able to invest in your web presence modularly over time.

For instance, you could perhaps start out as a blogger using an off the shelf version of WordPress and a free theme and over time add in more functionality. You will grow a community, and eventually hire a designer to make a custom theme for your site to make it look super professional. Then later you might want to scale it up to include your friends blogging and integrate ad displays to monetize your site. What I’m saying is that whatever phase you are in developing your online presence, you can start there and scale it up or change it up at any point when you are ready. This means if you can’t capitalize all your goals at the same time, WordPress gives you the ability to scale up as your budget allows. You can build on what you’ve already created instead of having to go to the drawing board every time you want to change the look or performance of your site.

wrapping up

If it isn’t clear by now why you should be using WordPress for your business, the last thing I would suggest is that you do a little comparison research, which is outside the scope of this article. If WordPress isn’t a hands-down winner just in and of itself, I think once you look into the alternatives you won’t find a match to WordPress’ flexibility, functionality, and popularity.

lastly, we here at manifest creative studios have taken the time to write a fully comprehensive, 18 page ebook guide to wordpress for business which is free. if you want a copy, have any questions, or would like to find out about getting a professionally designed wordpress website feel free to reach out to me:!

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