The Dud – a short film in 360 video


In a not-so-far-off future, you are born into a society of cyborg clones. Something isn’t right, you can feel it.

The Dud Poster
The Dud Poster

Fortunately, you aren’t alone; your technician, 62 is there to help. He and his assistant might be in a little bit over their heads this time when the boss finds out that mistakes have been made and a specialist needs to be called in…

The Dud is a first person sci-fi immersive cinematic experience in 360 video. Manifest Creative Studios is proud to announce our first formal entry into non-commercial cinematic production for film festivals. The film is completed, but has not yet been released to the public.

Nathan and I hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor! 

The two of us created this short film by ourselves. It was written and planned over about 2 months, shot in just two days with no crew, and edited over the course of a few months.

We saw it as an exercise in minimalist production for maximum story in a new an rapidly evolving medium. We tried to simplify the technical challenges and limitations inherent in a complex production and built the experience to use the 360 medium in a way that reinforced the narrative’s emotional impact. It was fun!

Enjoy: The Dud.

FYI the film is in monoscopic equirectangular format.


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