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Happy New Year Everyone!

Okay… First article of the new year! We here at Manifest Creative Studios are celebrating another year of growth and another milestone in our growth as a business. MCS is proud to announce the opening of our first office location! We’ve paired up with Santa Ana small business owner Ben Popceanca to lease the perfect little work space right here in the heart of Orange County. We are looking forward to a great partnership with Ben and his custom printing business, The Paper Crown Studio and you should look forward to lots of cool things coming out of our offices in the near future.

Our two teams have been hard at work getting the space in order – cleaning, scraping, painting, etc. Bryan made this great time lapse of us working on the reception area using his brand new GoPro camera. Go ahead and watch it. Go on. Click Play.

There are so many benefits to having an official place of business – for MCS it means having a controlled environment to receive our clients instead of relying on coffee shops with free WiFi. It also means we can start hosting our new series of WordPress Workshops right here in our own location! But one of the things we’re very excited for is claiming our office’s physical address on Google to take advantage of their Local Pack search result. Many users are familiar with the Local Pack without knowing it by name – if you’ve ever searched “local dry cleaners” or “pharmacy city name, state” then you’ve seen it as a result. The Local Pack is a little window that contains a map of the region Google thinks you’re searching in with the top three businesses it deems relevant to your search.

This feature is given prime real estate in the results page – just under the paid ads and above the organic results – because users making a geographically sensitive search are going to want to see the location of the business as a part of their decision-making process and Google’s primary service is delivering relevant results to their users. So how does one make sure their business appears on the Local Pack? Although this information is a proprietary piece of Google’s patented search algorithms and as such not entirely transparent, there are 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW TO GET CLIENTS THROUGH THE DOOR. These steps are surprising simple and won’t cost you a dime: 1) Create Google+ and Google My Business pages for your company; 2) Claim and verify your business address with Google; and 3) reach out to your clients and have them give you a good review using Google.

1) CREATE a Google+ and My Business Account for Your Business

If you are not already using a Google product or service for your business, then I don’t think you’re a real live person at all. Okay, that’s harsh – you’re probably just not aware of all the great free services that Google offers its users, but that is an entirely different article. If you don’t already have a master google account for your business, go ahead and set one up right now. Just go to and sign up for an account – choose something like and hopefully it isn’t already taken. From there, use your Gmail account to start accounts for Google+ and Google My Business. You will have to fill out some info about your business when creating these new accounts – MAKE SURE THIS INFO IS CONSISTENT WITH YOUR WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA – this is part of how Google determines the relevancy of your businesses over others when determining what to show on a search results page. Google has a setup wizard that walks you through the whole process, but if you have a person that does your website and stuff like that, go ahead and call that person. By the way, you should be creating accounts on all the various online directories – so start doing that too.

2) CLAIM and Verify Your Address with Google My Business

Once you have your Google My Business account created you will have the ability to create a location for your business and list your address and phone number with Google. Once you enter your address, Google will want to verify this to make sure you’re legit. It will do this by either calling a land line that it knows is associated with the address (presumably it has access to phone listings…) or by sending a postcard to the address you provided. The phone call or postcard will provide you with a confirmation code. Once you receive this code and enter it in your Google My Business account you’ll be good to go! Again, there is a step-by-step wizards to walk you through this process, so don’t sweat it – just get started.

3) GET REVIEWS from Your Customers on Google

Okay, this is the last step! Now that you’ve got your Google My Business account verified and legit, you need to ask all of your clients to leave you reviews (good reviews, more specifically…) using their own Google accounts. This might be the most difficult part of the process, because it requires waiting for other people to follow through. You should make it as easy as possible for your customers to do this – send them a direct link and a personalized message through social media or text if you’re comfortable with that. You only need to secure half a dozen favorable reviews to have a better standing than all but your most tech savvy businesses, but once you have them you will be part of an elite few that have optimized their business accounts in the way that Google prefers. These steps don’t guarantee anything, but they are three most important things that Google looks at to determine what business go to the Local Pack in geographical searches and you should see an immediate improvement in your web presence when a user makes these searches. (For more on optimizing your web presence for Google Local Pack, check out this great article.)

I expect to have our verification code waiting at the office on Monday, so clients beware… I’m going to be hitting you up for another review of our services for Google! If you’re in the neighborhood, go ahead and pay MCS a visit!



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