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every project at manifest creative studios is a journey through concept, design, and execution. our process guarantees a finished project that is delivered on schedule and within budget every time. we work closely with our clients, guiding each one through the whole creative process from start to finish to ensure that every project is both attractive and functional for your specific needs.


the process begins by filling out the project questionnaire. it is here that the major aspects and objectives of the project are identified and a free consultation is scheduled to further develop the initial concept. from there, we draft a proposal that details the project deliverables, production schedule, and pricing. once these detailed are finalized and we are contracted, production begins and your idea starts to come to life!


the whole production is managed via a vetting process that keeps our clients in the loop at all times. utilizing our project management system, you will be able to keep track of draft revisions and status updates as well as provide feedback to our creative team. and at the end of this journey, we know the project will exceed your expectations.

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at manifest creative studios, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier design and marketing services at a price point that is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. every project is custom-tailored to suit the needs of your business, which allows us to work within your budget. whatever your business needs to succeed, we can help.

whether your project is six months out or needs to be done yesterday, we have a project management system that ensures prompt delivery and allows us to exceed expectations even on the tightest of deadlines. our meticulous project vetting procedure guarantees that the creative process stays on schedule while maintaining flexibility to suit the ever-changing needs of our clients.

from the very first meeting, we promise to always be transparent, communicative, accountable, and honest. we always want our clients to be happy – and we want them to succeed. if ever those two things should conflict, we promise to have the integrity to give you our expert opinion, but we will never try to tell you how to run your business. we are here to best represent YOUR business, which means that every design choice and marketing strategy we suggest is made to serve YOUR vision, goals, and objectives as a whole.


we recognize that every client posesses an inherent charm and unique flavor to offer the marketplace and we work with you to identify your strengths in the market and reinforce those strengths in every project we create for you. our team gives you the individual attention and customization that will best represent you to your target demographic.

staying on top of the newest trends of technology and design is much more than an objective at manifest creative studios – it’s an obsession! our staff is up-to-date in all the latest design and coding standards across multiple platforms and environments. whatever your project requires, you can be sure that we have done our homework and will be focused on making sure every detail contributes to the overall success of your marketing strategy.



one of the many benefits of working with us is gaining access to emerging marketing technologies like interactive print media. ipm print campaigns transcend the reach of normal print advertising by engaging consumers directly on their mobile device and leveraging their own social media networks (like facebook, instagram, twitter) to spread your marketing message even further!

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