who are we?

who are we?

we are southern california’s premiere provider of integrated video marketing. this includes graphic design, web design, video production, animation, and creative marketing services including ad campaign design and execution. we specialize in working with smaller and medium-sized businesses in the orange county and los angeles region and pride ourselves on providing top-tier design services at an affordable price. we are a diverse team of design and marketing professionals ready to put the power of creativity at your fingertips.


what do we do?

MCS has spent the last 5 years finding our niche in the industry and honing our approach. we have come up with a holistic interdisciplinary approach to video marketing. we start each project with a business goal in mind and build the campaign around that goal to not only build the brand of the company but also drive sales in a way that is tracked and leveraged towards the future. we believe in taking a data driven approach and let our creativity start from there with the ultimate goal of connecting consumers and companies in a way that builds communities, not just customer bases.

how do we work?

we take our clients through concept, design, execution, data analysis, refocusing back to refine designs and then through the whole process again. we know that story driven advertising that connects people will always win over cheap sales tactics. we want to build lasting relationships with our clients as they continue to grow. we know that the market is a complicated thing and that prolonged success is a matter of good planning and solid investments. your visual assets are most of the time the first (and sometimes only) way that your customers perceive you. having solid graphics, video production, sound, and most importantly solid messaging is the difference between an effective campaign or a waste of money and time.


our mission:

our mission is to empower working companies with the marketing tools they need to take their success to the next level – and one of the ways we do that is by providing free tips and tutorials through our blog: the manifestor! here you can find loads of advice and news pertaining to starting a business and using the web and design to grow your marketing platform. make sure to check out our portfolio and see some of the awesome design and marketing solutions we’ve created for our community of clients.


fill out our project questionnaire and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a free consultation! let manifest creative studios put the power of creativity to work for your buisiness. contact us today to get started.

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