we are a full production company and do everything from writing to lighting, filming, sound design, post production editing, and visual effects in house.


we are capable of designing and animating anything from simple explainer videos to commercials to music videos to full on character animation for short film.


while we try to focus on making awesome videos, if part of mobilizing that campaign means some custom web implementations, we can code a website from scratch using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, or take advantage of frameworks like WordPress or Shopify to make impactful and effective web experiences.


sometimes you want to have a real world component to your marketing campaign. we can design and source fabrication for printed materials, merch, signage, and many other types of collateral to help unify campaigns out into the physical marketplace.

welcome to MCS!

(we make awesome videos)


Our focus is on making high quality video marketing campaigns which include original asset generation (video planning, production, post-production), campaign strategy consultation, campaign management (including SEM, PPC, and Social Media Advertising), and marketing coordination with other firms (SEM/PPC Stratigists, Social Media Managers and Email Marketers).


Check out some videos! These are just a few – for more, look at our capabilities playlist.

WTF is an MCS? - the reel deal.

the manifestor

our blog will be up and running soon!