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with interactive print media, manifest creative studios utilizes image recognition apps such as layar, aurasma, and blippar to engage consumers with interactive content directly on their mobile devices. this technology adds interactive digital media content such as video and social media connectivity to any printed image or advertisement, increasing its impact by using the consumer's own social media network to redistribute your message beyond the reach of traditional print advertising.

interactive print media

the future

of print media

interactive print media represents the cutting-edge application of augmented reality and image recognition technologies to provide creative and powerful marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. mobile apps such as layar and blippar have experienced explosive growth in major regional and international markets. blippar alone currently boasts over six million active users in new york, san francisco, chicago, and london markets - and it projects that there will be over 2.5 billion ar app downloads a year by 2017. manifest creative studios is proud to be the first design studio to break this technology to the orange county buisiness community.


We are so appreciative of all that Manifest Creative Studios has done to get us to this point. Their experience as small business owners, design abilities, and savvy marketing, internet, and social media skills have been a great boon to us. Thank you, Manifest Creative Studios, for all that you have done.

- Marcy Senese, Semper Sursum Co-Founder

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