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everything we do at manifest creative studios begins with great graphic design. whether your project involves print, web, or something more complex, like packaging and merchandising - we know how to make it look good. our team of expert designers are ready to help you develop marketing collateral that catches the eye and delivers your message clearly and effectively.

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we make you look good!

whether working with an established visual style or helping you develop one from scratch, we start with the end in mind and strive towards a cool, clean, and consistent style that helps separate our clients from their competitors. our work is always consistent with current web and print industry standards so your job comes out perfect regardless of the final medium. no matter what kind of design service you require, manifest creative studios has what it takes to make you look your best!

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SD/PEN’s new website is terrific. It’s cleaner looking and lighter feeling. I think it gives SD/PEN a much more professional image. And the process for searching out an editor is such an improvement. Anyone interested in hiring an editor can now lay out exactly what they want and have a list of names to choose from. Fantastic. Our new website was well worth the wait. Kudos to all who were involved in this effort.

- Terry Anderson, SD/PEN Member

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